Little Pictures

Sunday, September 09, 2007

'Awfully catchy and very cute'

How could anyone disagree with Harry Ricketts? If he likes Little Pictures, who are we to argue. The Wellington trio of Mark, Johanna and James formed Little Pictures only four months ago. Initially a one man project, LP started like all good indie groups, in a bedroom in an unknown Wellington suburb. After a request from Grayson Gilmore (So So Modern) to play support for a couple of shows, the LP trio was born.

Keeping it simple, short and sweet provides the ideal philosophy for a good pop tune. Initially drawn to them upon hearing Marks first bedroom recordings, I was very quickly intrigued as to how such a basic concept could sound so amazingly rich. With simplified synthesiser loops providing a backdrop, each song has a unique minimilist texture. Overlay Mark's soft, whimsical vocals and sha-bang; I know several girls who find it very cute.

With most songs clocking in at just under two minutes, the band have adopted an interesting distribution method. Floppy disks, yep that's right, Floppy disks! You can send the band a song request and they will send you a floppy disk in the post. How cool is that? Last weekend the band put the finishing touches on their debut EP, titled You and Me and My Amplifier. The EP should be available from next week, you can already listen to a couple of the new songs on the bands myspace. With the inclusion of Johanna on vocals and glockenspiel and James on drums, the charm of this cute little band will fill us all.

Little Pictures- Eliot: MP3

Little Pictures- Thanksgiving For A Habitat: MP3

Little Pictures- Myspace


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