The Brunettes

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Don't Talk, Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Ask yourself, what's been the best pop album this year? No wait! I can answer that one for you. The best pop album of 2007 is Structure And Cosmetics; there you go I said it, it's the best, number one, first place.

If you haven't heard the timeless melody, endless bubblegum brilliance that is Structure And Cosmetics you better go straight to the music store tomorrow and buy it. You know, the one with Pet Sounds as their number one album of all time, yeah they have it! Comparing The Brunettes to the Beach Boys, uuu big call. Yes I agree it needs time before it gets put on that pedestal, but like Pet Sounds, it's undoubtedly the groups best work.

The opening word of 'Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth'... "B.A.B.Y" will have you blushing, even you boys. 'Obligatory Road Song' will stay in you dreams forever and 'If You Were Alien' provides the cutest text conversation starters. The only flaw is that it can be too cute, Structure And Cosmetics is an album for romantics and those in love. If you are lonely it'll probably just make you cry in the dark. Perhaps you should try the new Shout Out Louds.

The Brunettes- Obligatory Road Song: MP3

The Brunettes- If You Were Alien: MP3

The Brunettes- Myspace


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