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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Let's Make Love and Listen Alice In Chains?!

Super fun crazy mish mashes of baile beats and intoxicating exotic accents and rhythms and badly mixed antique funk samples, an interesting Thursday make. Marina, Pedro and Gorky of the Domino signed band, are arguably the most exciting South American band to have made it big outside of the typical SA confines since CSS went global.

Chunking Alice In Chains riffs with hip hop beats and cute childish cheers, Bonde do Role make you wanna sashay your hips and move yr feet. So do it! Nobody's watching... maybe then the cute boy at the popsicle stand will take notice and ask you out, and you can shimmy up trees and collect berries and stuff, baile style... right?! Because although some of us cannot be certain exactly what Baile-funk or tropical-metal translates to, we can at least be sure that Bonde's whateveryoucallit-sound has garnered them much deserved recognition of late.

Their funky Dança Da Ventoinha has the best use of a Darkness riff I've heard anywhere, far surpassing the original in terms of the unique array of squawking vocals it boasts. And their interpretation of ACDC (whether it's them or a remix, this track is h.o.t!) on Melo Do Vitiligo is chaotic and enchanting. Venturing, as well, into cyber ecstacy, apparently it's them on Máquina De Ricota? Though barely recognisable in parts, that is surely the signifying element of a truly unique, exciting, cutting-edge band. Surprising spontaneity, awe-inspiring originality. Roll out!

Bonde do Role- Solta o Frango: MP3

Bonde do Role- Melo do Vitiligo: MP3

Bonde do Role- Melo do Tabaco: MP3

Bonde do Role- Marina Gasolina: MP3

Bonde do Role- Myspace


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