Band of Horses

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time Waits For Some! Stands Still For Others!

It certainly hasn't taken long for Mt. Pleasant's favourite three-piece indie band to return with another stunning album. Cease to Begin is the second offering in two years from Band of Horses, and like last year's Everything All The Time it is music of the easy listening tradition. Essentially a pop band, Band of Horses mix Americana still blues with whimsical orchestral medicine, resulting in a purely organic melodic sound.

Much like its predecessor, Cease to Begin relies on building tension, bursting into life around the minute mark of each song and taking the listener to a place far away from Earth. 'Is There A Ghost' is the perfect example of Band of Horses at their very peak. Much like the band's 2006 hit 'The Funeral', it builds from a simple string arrangement to become a fully blown orchestral rock symphony. Ben Bridwell's vocals again ride heavy, creating a sorrowful yet soft touch over the bending, gliding guitar.

If you enjoyed the band's last effort, you'll be happy to hear little tweaking took place between albums. But if you are a real aficionado looking for a progressive rock band growing into a fuller sounding dragon (much like the Shins' 2006 offering), you'll probably be disappointed. If you put half of Everything All The Time and half of Cease to Begin together you'd have a pretty flawless pop record. Take it with a grain of salt, buy it! Enjoy it! And in a few years' time you'll have yourself a box set.

Band of Horses- Is There A Ghost: MP3

Band of Horses- No One's Gonna Love You: MP3

Band of Horses- The Lamb In The City: Mp3

Band of Horses- Myspace


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