The Virgins

Thursday, August 02, 2007

If you type 'The Virgins' into Google you get all sorts of weird stuff. I discovered there's a hell of a lot of sites about the Virgin Mary, but fuck all on New York band The Virgins. I'd hate to see what an image search would reveal. So I have to let the music do the talking. The four piece, soul branded new wave band have many likable characteristics. Like all your drunken emotions of lost love and unfinished affairs, they're a sad bunch. Take a stroll in the rain, find a park bench under the trees, plug in your ear phones and you'll understand what I mean. The guitar wobbling back and forwards, the bass jogging at half pace trying to keep up with the electronic mixer, it's enough to make any park bench a cosy little fort. And yes The Virgins have a little Cure about them, To My Boy could be their cousins.
They have an EP out now, it's possibly available through their myspace page but I can't be sure. You might just have to message them and ask.

The Virgins- Tequila Alley: MP3

The Virgins- Rich Girls: MP3

The Virgins- Myspace


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