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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Halfway between the Theatre and the Stars

When Mrs Boekbinder gave birth to twins all those years ago, no one really knew the sisters would one day end up one of the world's most talked about live musical acts. Born two days apart in the state of California, the sisters Zoe and Kim ultimately lead very different life's. Zoe's path of discovery lead her to the jungle of Central America, where she lived for a small section of her life.

In 2004 Zoe returned from her jungle adventure, reuniting with her sister in California and teaching her to play guitar. This was the start of a magical connection that lead the sisters to explore the depths of musical experimentation. With guitar in tow, the sisters quickly started messing around with household objects. A typewriter quickly became the latest cool thing and when pots and pans were added it started to get serious. It all pieced together when the girls discovered they could use anything, broken pipes, a flour sifter and even a lobster have at one time been part of a Vermillion Lies arrangement.

Their strange instrumentation and expressive stage antics have lead the duo to be tagged as one the world's most exciting live acts. A unique mix of broken, pop, crash instrumentation and half spoken lyrical poetry have all the makings of a contemporary folk cabaret act. Fitting into this unusual genre may mystify a few people, think of a playful silly Dresden Dolls slowed and twisted upside down.

After releasing their debut record in 2006 titled Separated By Birth, several songs subsequently featured in a number independent films. Their latest release is the Scream-A-Long EP, featuring the hit single 'Global Warming'. The song is a quirky, playful spin on the biggest problem facing the world today. The sisters have asked fans to download the song for free and send it to all their friends. It's an amazingly crafted piece of performance poetry that will help raise awareness about a crisis so many have ignored.

Vermillion Lies- Global Warming: MP3

Vermillion Lies- Shark Serenade: MP3

Vermillion Lies- Myspace


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