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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Bride of Brooklyn

Based in Brooklyn, New York; Rio en Medio is the musical alis for New Mexico native Danielle Stech-Homsy. The daughter of a gay Syrian painter and a Ukrainian flamenco dancer, her life has been one colourful adventure. One that laid the foundation for a move into the world of folk music and expressive art.

Predominantly composed on Ukulele, her classically trained skills perfectly complement her delicate vocal style. Her slow softly spoken melody creating complete calm, providing the perfect supplement for a night of red wine and bree. Accompanied at times by an intricate array of sampled electronica and a hint of percussion, Medio's songs display a enchanted whimsical quality of a women completely at peace.

Her debut album The Bride of Dynamite, serves more than just the contemporary folk market. It's folk music on the electronic boundary, with roots in 1990's trip hop and contemporary jazz. Best served on a cold night cuddled in bed, it's the perfect complement for a night of intimacy.

With a debut album that brings together good and evil, her reputation has already flurished on the Brooklyn music scene. Home to some of the most innovative talent in America, Rio en Medio joins The Lisps in waving the flag for contemporary American folk. After concluding a recent tour with the similar sounding, slightly more electronic CocoRosie, Medio is no longer an artist to watch but an artist being watched.

Rio en Medio- Everyone is Someone's: MP3

Rio en Medio- Tiger's Ear: MP3

Rio en Medio- Myspace


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