Saturday, September 01, 2007

"Warp zone for the brain."

Impossibly cute, danceable, catchy and intelligent French Canadians Malajube have it all - quirky song structures, time and key changes, animal costumes, ooooooh-sing-a-long breakdowns and the odd phone-impersonation [see Ton Plat Favori].

Who cares if many of us wont understand what they're saying, as keyboardist/vocalist Thomas explained in a Brooklyn Vegan interview, "Even if it is in French and people don't get the lyrics, the music does the work. It talks to people." So just do the work already and check them out, cos they are amazing! For examples of this mega-awesomeness, see the MP3s below [of course], but you're advised to track down their album, Trompe~L'Oeil, to get the full scope of their plush, too-cute-for-kicks sound. You can pick this up on the swoonworthy French goth-rap of eerie/awesome/catchy La Russe, which is so exciting to fresh ears that you may have a little heart attack of delight. [Be warned!] Elsewhere, Pâte Filo will charm yr socks off. That little French singing! The glorious, dramatic, Arcade Fire-esque faux-orchestral tension! The trilling organs! It's just... They're amazing.

Malajube- Ton Plat Favori: MP4

Malajube- Montreal -40º: MP4

Malajube- Myspace


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