Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Na Na Na Na Na Batgirls!!

As if it was still 1978, girl punk lives on in Sweden. These four Goteborg assassins are hear to charm your pants off, with attitude, a little bit of angst and a whole lotta love. Their debut 7" has just been released and is ready to be an instant hit with indie fans world wide.

The most obvious hook attached to Liechtenstein is their similarity to some of punks finest girl bands. Mixing it with the best throughout time, from The Shags to The Shop Assistants and Sleater Kinney, Liechtenstein's name will soon be added to the list.

With basic pop licks syphoned into a melting pot of gentle bass and percussion, Liechtenstein prove they can keep as good a melody as anyone. With a simple guitar cord played to repetition; a formula that's worked for decades already and will work forever, the girls are a most welcome addition to our ears. Obviously indie, and obviously craving a slice of fame.

Liechtenstein- Stalking Skills: MP3

Liechtenstein- Cravings: MP3

Liechtenstein- Myspace


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