Grey Power

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Winston Peters You Old Grey Haired Bastard!

In my opinion Grey Power are one of Wellington's best kept musical secrets. The four piece band are relatively new to the scene, but have already gained a reputation for their manic live show. Blending surf, swamp rock and shoegaze with a much grander big band sound they command attention, and can intimidate even the roughest communist audience.

Fronted by vocalist/ keyboard player Sam Bradford, his shy nature off stage serves as a entree for the main course. Give him a microphone and he becomes a ranting shaman, shouting slogans of anti capitalism and denouncing the conservative strong hold on society. He has the complete act going, from body gestures to his clothing; often dressed in a silk bathrobe over stubby shorts. It's a bit weird, a bit creepy, almost sleazy creepy but somehow it's fucking cool.

If your a fan of the mildly grotesque then a trip to a Grey Power show might unbutton your night shirt. If you just want to see something unusual and be entertained that'll happen to. Fans of the Pixies and early post grunge should definitely find something to like about the unpredictable, explosive nature of Grey Power.

The band will be putting out an EP in the coming months through there own label Sailor Mouth Records. Meanwhile, catch them on tour throughout New Zealand in August. This highly entertaining, unpredictable band will not disappoint, so be one of the first to jump on the wagon.

Grey Power- Shopping For Jesus: MP3

Grey Power- Ambassadors' Wife: MP3

Grey Power- Making Chains: MP3

Grey Power- Myspace


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