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Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Have good times til time runs out, this is what we're all about!"

It’s funny when a band puts out a song so heinously bad that it almost puts you off their music entirely. Even though AAWW-SOME is one of few songs that I’ve thrashed in recent times, there came just one other song by Best Fwends that looked set to tarnish all their others.

So it was fitting that once again a song title rang true: Tarnished Words is the one available-for-download song on Best Fwends’ myspace, but I strongly recommend you skip even streaming it. Because other than that piercing feedback-laden track, their remaining catalogue is diverse and different. You could say the withering death of Tarnished Words adds to their obnoxious, devil may care attitude that stands them apart from most Atari-rockers who are content to play the game fairly nonchalantly. But Best Fwends have power in numbers (two, to be exact), with which to blissfully assault you, and it’s this kinda extreme-wtf!?-ism that makes them so cool.

And fortunately AAWW-SOME lives up to its name. Its epic brevity is addictive – just watch your playcount rise! A seeming testament to their intensity, I’m pretty sure they are insane, but damn do I love them for it.

The duo are adept at rap-screeching over iPod backing tracks and dancing in front of what looks like a Twister mat (but upon closer inspection it’s some sort of Ed Gains-esque illustration), whilst shredding up James Gang and Spin Doctors covers.

That said, they’re pretty fucking AAWW-SOME.

Just see if you can resist the persistent thumping Nickelodeon breakbeats chugging along with background noise (though not the kind you’ll find in a restaurant), that gives way to a blippy-heaven chorus, laid down with some old schoolyard chants and ecstatic synth.

Also, check out the Bacardi commercial that uses their song Bedroom Music; it has to be seen to be believed!

One anonymous internerd said of the band on another blog, “the knife blade between annoying and hilarious is a sharp edge to walk on.” But the Vice Worst Album of the Month winners are proud of their geeky heritage, and rightfully so; they kick total n00b ass!

Best Fwends- AAWW-SOME: MP3

Best Fwends- House Ghost: MP3

Best Fwends- Funk 50 [by James Gang] live: MP3

Best Fwends- Myspace


At 7:58 am, October 24, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

house ghost it's a very very nice song... ^_^


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