Victoria Bergsman/ Taken By Trees

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Former Concretes vocalist and famous for being the voice of Peter, Bjorn and John's 'Young Folks' Victoria Bergsman has branched out on her own. After calling it quits with her long time friends and going through a period of complete distaste for music, Bergsman has again found the musical spark. She calls it Taken By Trees and it's essentially music built around her voice. For those who followed her break up with the Concretes, it probably comes as a surprise to hear Bergsman so soon. Leaving the Concretes last year, she sighted burn out and a lack of desire for traveling the world moving day to day. But it was playing live that pushed her over the edge, bets are she won't by playing many solo shows for Taken By Trees.
With the Concretes releasing their first post Bergsman album recently it was inevitable they were going to be compared. Depending on how you look at it, Bergsman's departure has been a blessing for both parties. Hey Trouble has seen the Concretes release their catchiest work yet, full of instrumental hooks and magnificent story telling. Open Field, the title of Bergsman's Taken By Trees, suits her vocal style better than the pop melody of her former band. With minimal backing, it's transformed her into a folk star that sounds more 1950 than present day. After thinking we'd lost Victoria Bergsman forever, it's an absolute pleasure to have her back.

Taken By Trees- Julia: MP3

Taken By Trees- Too Young: MP3

The Concretes- Kids: MP3

Taken By Trees- Myspace


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