Thursday, July 26, 2007

His name says it all, Lake aka Urbantramper is an environmentalist, a tree loving outdoors man who loves breathing in the fresh country air. This may or may not be the reason he's relocating to the UK very soon. It'll be like moving from a country of lush green pasture to a country underwater. But it's the music that brings us to write about Urbantramper. Music is now the main focus in his life and along with his band 10,000 Times Glorious they leave us with some great memories. It's with 10,00 Times Glorious that Urbantramper has recorded arguably his best work. The delightful pop tunes of their recent work come with an innocent child like charm, a reminder of a time when the rose buds bloomed every spring. While extremely serious about making a future in music, the songs have an enchanted quality so relaxed and peaceful.
The current line up for the live performance sees Lake accompanied by vocalist/ guitarist Eli, Joe on Bass and Griff behind the drums. The recorded version is an Urbantramper affair with friends playing support, including members of the live band. The upcoming national tour marks the end of the working relationship between Urbantramper and 10,00 Times Glorious, while they will remain good friends the UK calls for Lake and Eli. Hopefully by the end of the year New Zealand listeners can enjoy All That is Solid Melts- A Workers Album, for now visit the bands myspace, 'I Quite Like Girls' is one great pop tune.

Urbantramper- Sunsets On The Empty Carnival: MP3

Urbantramper- How Do You Have Your Tea: MP3

Urbantramper- Myspace


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