To My Boy

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Does anyone else think To My Boy sound like an electronic version of The Cure? Well I do, and I love it. Using only computer and guitar, the Liverpool duo of Sam White and Jack Snape are the latest to join the indie new rave scene. At a time when many artists are dabbling in the electronic music world, it's easy to get tired and stop listening. To My Boy however have come along at the perfect time. While we all lie down bored of it all, it suits them just fine. With a voice like Robert Smith, you can easily lie down and slowly drift to sleep. I emphasise slowly because while your body will try and rest, your brain will be dancing about your skeleton.
2007 has seen the band release their debut album Messages. While it hasn't gained massive attention it deserves a spot on your play list. It's strict computer buzz, combined with jolts of angular guitar make for the warmest cuddly electronic album this year.

To My Boy- Talk: MP3

To My Boy- Myspace


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