The Octopus Project

Friday, July 20, 2007

Check out these multi instrumentalists from Austin, Texas. Named as one the hottest up and coming bands by several top music journalists at this years SXSW, The Octopus Project take experimental music to new uninhabited levels. On one level you get serenaded by soft harmony and gliding guitar laden pop. On a second level you get squeezed and shaken by reverberations and feedback. Going up even one more level, The Octopus Project pound your soul, reaching deep into your brain with striking synthesises and the bizarre but effective Theremin. It really must be heard to be believed.
Their soon to be released third album, as yet untitled; hears the band experimenting more than ever before. Using anything they could get their hands on the band have made one of pop musics true original albums. The studio has been used to the ultimate extreme, creating a wall of sound that stabs Phil Speckor straight in the heart. As a follow up to last years collaborative album with Black Moth Super Rainbow, it's put both bands on an equal path to fame.

The Octopus Project- I Saw The Bright Shinies: MP3

The Octopus Project- Myspace


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