I Heart Hiroshima

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aussie super punks I Heart Hiroshima are here and you better fucking listen. They're poised to take over the Australian music scene with their song 'Punks', a timely reminder that joyous punk rock's still alive and well in the sunshine state. It's already getting heavy rotation on Triple J and it's about to get a world wide audience. With 'Punks' being this weeks free Itunes download it's almost guaranteed to reach the global mainstream. Yes, I said it MAINSTREAM, is it really that nasty if the music's of such stellar quality.
The Brisbane trio don't seem all that phased by the pending fame, still relative new comers to the music scene they are releasing their debut record in August. Saying that, in the past year their have played support for Erase Errata, Deerhoof, Ratatat and Peaches. Not a bad lineup to help get the people talking.
Look out for Tuff Teef as it hits the stores, a recommended release with heaps of jealous hooks and bite. After playing support for Tilly and the Wall and the Mint Chicks during the first few weeks of August, expect I Heart Hiroshima to headline there own tour.
Punk rock that's not afraid to be silly and scratch your eyes, the way we like it best, the I Heart Hiroshima way.

I Heart Hiroshima- Punks: MP3

I Heart Hiroshima- Reckless: MP3

I Heart Hiroshima- Myspace


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