Happy Crayon

Sunday, July 29, 2007

“Don’t spit in my alphabet soup”

What if when you were a kindergartener you formed the bizarre premature ability to chant in unision with your best friend from the sandpit, while destroying casio synths with spades and mashing the effects keys with playdough? Confusing metaphors such as these seem to be the only way to relate the crazy reverie of Happy Crayon. Two siblings who revel in reverting back to their childlike natures to deliver an astoundingly small back catalogue, Happy Crayon is kinda mind-blowing. Like alphabet soup colluding in a muddy pool of old English dance, they have the propensity to piss you off. But to me they’re compelling.
Golden Axe-esque wave form modulations less dirty than our unrivalled local duo combine with death metal scream outros far more riveting than any rehearsed metal band, making Happy Crayon surprising and entertaining. They meld repetitive synth stabs with Coolies-esque femme shouts/chants and their occasional lapses into death metal growls are sorta reminiscent of our hero Bek, from Cortina.
Happy Crayon is actually way different to any of those just namedropped; I’m just grasping at straws here. If these members of the Mentalist Association, a small DIY label run by bored friends in Kent, England, collaborated on more songs instead of throwing sand in eachother’s eyes, I’d be the happiest kid on the block. But with a mere 93 friends on their myspazz, the band is still largely unheard of. However, given their talent for hyper, crazed and colourful music, ears around the world will hopefully take notice of these guys sooner or later.

Happy Crayon- The Horror of Birthday/Drive Thru Marriage: MP3

Happy Crayon- Myspace


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