Fulton Girls Club

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm not sure why Grant Gronewold calls himself Fulton Girls Club, after all that's my last name. His music is bizarre, many would say crap. Just Grant and his guitar playing and singing about nothing really at all. The opening line from his latest song 'A Bird I Never Saw' goes something like "I was so beautiful when I told my Sunday school teacher to fuck off". His music is lonely, nerdy and god damn depressing. But underneath all this messy music is a talented singer/ songwriter, one with amazing potential if only he had a little more money to simplify his sound.
His career so far has seen him self release four CD's, starting in January this year with Teeth and Air. These recordings are only available at his shows, he's given up on mail orders. Grant is a real do it yourself kind of guy, offering to play anywhere, in any town as long as he gets a bed for the night and a meal. This means he is very poor and lives of the little he makes from music. He recently posted bulletins on myspace requesting places to stay as he travels across Australia. If you like what you hear I'm sure Grant would love you to get in touch. He's coming to New Zealand in August so if you ask nicely he might come play in your town.

Fulton Girls Club- A Bird I Never Saw: MP3

Fulton Girls Club- My Skeleton Suit: MP3

Fulton Girls Club- Myspace


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