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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The most anticipated New Zealand album of the year is not to far away. Due for release in August is Structure and Cosmetics, the latest offering from bubble gum pop's cutesy cute Brunettes. Meanwhile us kiwi's have been lucky enough to have had the band at home for a brief period, the first single 'Her Hairagami Set' has done the rounds and the band's just completed an extensive nationwide tour. However for the rest of the world, news from The Brunettes camp has been keep to a minimum. It's all because the only New Zealand band to ever sign with Subpop is gearing up for world wide domination. Starting with a leaving show in Wellington, the band then head for Australia, before embarking on a massive US tour in September.
Remaining loyal to their homeland, Structure and Cosmetics comes dressed in homegrown clothing. The album photography was provided by talented young Aucklander Milana Radojcic. Her work as a music photographer is bound to feature in many publications and exhibitions in the coming years. 'Her Hairagami Set' is the first song released from the album and features the Brunettes typical Boy/ Girl playfulness. In the past few days a video produced by Trophy Wife Productions has also appeared, it's already been called one of the best videos ever made by a prominent NZ music television journalist. On the strength of one song, it's fair to say anticipation is rife, hopefully for all sake the album is as good as this first offering.

The Brunettes- Her Hairagami Set: MP3

The Brunettes- Myspace

Milana Radojcic- Myspace


At 8:16 PM, July 15, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milana rules.
You can see a lot of her live photography at too


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