Black Moth Super Rainbow

Thursday, July 05, 2007

This is unmistakably the craziest band I've ever posted. Just look at the name, with a name like that you'd have to expect some sort of drug infused form of psychedelia. Black Moth Super Rainbow are just that, a modern version of Animal's period Pink Floyd or Iron Butterfly on extra strong acid. But what makes BMSR so special is the fact that all this racket is made using traditional instruments. No fancy laptops or mixers will be found in the back of their tour van. The textures that come through in their music are so remarkable, it allows the band to glide through a time shamelessly leaving reality as a distant memory.
For the Pennsylvania five piece, 2007's Dandelion Gum is their third album. It sees the band exploring a more eclectic side than previously, exhibiting songs that are as obscure as they are catchy. The three years spent working on it seems to have paid off. The band have landed a tour slot supporting the equally eclectic Flaming Lips throughout September. The thought of the two together can only be described as an acid junkies dream.

Black Moth Super Rainbow- Sun Lips: MP3

Black Moth Super Rainbow- Forever Heavy: MP3

Black Moth Super Rainbow- Myspace


At 2:24 am, July 06, 2007, Blogger Dittman said...

Huzzah for Pittsburgh psychedelia. For whatever reason there's a ton of interesting music springing from our Western Pennsylvania region right now - probably due to really cheap houses with small towns, but big colleges...

At 1:02 am, July 20, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love these tunes - thanks for posting!


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