7 Day Weekend

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ask them yourself, 7 Day Weekend are basically a bunch of music fans making music for no other reason than boredom. Now we're all jealous, cose by god we'd all love to be making music this good in our down time. From Perth, Australia, 7 Day Weekend zoomed under my radar a few months back, I happened to lend my mp3 player to a friend and he quickly came back excited, "who sings 'Hot Property' cose it's awesome". For all you good souls who haven't heard 7 Day Weekend, the three female art students make some damn fine electro, new wave noise.
From what you hear and see on their myspace it's made pretty clear the name comes from their lifestyle. They really don't seem to take very seriously the fact that they could be one of Australia's hottest young acts. In fact they are as good as anything else out there; New Young Pony Club, To My Boy, no better, no worse, equal footing.

7 Day Weekend- Party Monster: MP3

7 Day Weekend- Hot Property: MP3

7 Day Weekend- Myspace


At 3:56 pm, July 13, 2007, Anonymous factory boy said...

Fuck dude, where did these girls come from? have they released anything yet? theyre fucken awes man keep us updated k?

At 1:49 am, July 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sooo good. PARTY MONSTER, GIVE ME PIZZA. I love it, I want their next album!


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