The Veils

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Arguably one of the biggest New Zealand bands in America right now, The Veils have hit town with an album that last year had kiwi critics wiping back the tears. Currently embarking on an extensive tour of the US and Canada, the new look Veils lead by founding member Finn Andrews have been received openly. After almost quiting music in 2004 when the original Veils fell apart just a week after their British debut release, Andrews moved back to New Zealand. Finding inspiration from his birthplace and a new found passion for making music with his old friends, The Veils were born again.
With the release of Nux Vomica The Veils gained international attention. Named one of the albums of 2006 by many New Zealand critics, Andrews proved his potential as a song writer of the highest calibre. From it's explosive cries of rage ('Jesus for the Jugular') to it's folk Coheneque Ballard's ('House Where We All Lived'), Nux Vomica tells a story of minor complications corrupting mankind.

The Veils- Nux Vomica: MP3

The Veils- One Night On Earth: MP3

The Veils- Myspace


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