Tommy Ill

Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Zealand indie Hip Hop doesn't come much better than Wellington's Tommy Ill. His rhymes are well thought out and filled with blatant honestly about life as a twentieth century boy. While Tommy may not look like the average cliche of a modern Hip Hop star, he's taken the hard path to success. In fact he's still taking that path, still spending many nights playing to small dedicated indie music fans across Wellington. What makes Tommy unique however is his fan base within the local music scene. You're more likely to find him hanging out and playing gigs with So So Modern, Thought Creature or Holiday With Friends than the Polynesian artists that dominate Hip Hop in the outer suburbs.
Late last year saw the release of Tommy Ills debut EP, titled Toast & Tea Kettles. It got rave reviews from the New Zealand music press and Tommy featured on his first magazine cover. Whether you like hip hop or not, Tommy Ill is an artist that can be enjoyed across the board.

Tommy Ill- Clouds Is Shaky: MP3

Tommy Ill- Bar Stool Personals: MP3

Tommy Ill- Myspace


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