Tegan and Sara

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's almost here, yep, a new album from Tegan and Sara. After a song on Grey's Anatomy in 2005 the sisters hit the stars (like most bands who've appeared on the show) gaining a following all over the globe. Their previous work which includes the highly acclaimed 2004 album So Jealous is absolutely amazing , so all you people out there thinking they are only famous because of the TV show need to take another listen. Singing about lost love and complicated relationships are what the girls do best, the two latest songs are no exception.
While a little more gritty than So Jealous, the songs taken from the upcoming album The Con remain simple, relying on a catchy pop melody. Both Tegan and Sara's voices seem to have aged, sounding deeper and a little rough around the edges. No worries though, the formula of two cute girls with amazing musical talent is enough to get the guys hooked. The girls probably won't complain about that much either.

Tegan and Sara- Back In Your Head: MP3

Tegan and Sara- The Con: MP3

Tegan and Sara- Myspace


At 10:21 PM, June 19, 2007, Blogger 3vil g3nius said...

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At 10:23 PM, June 19, 2007, Blogger 3vil g3nius said...

Actually, So Jealous was their third album not counting Under Feet Like Ours which was released before they signed on with a label. Check out the awesome If it was you their second album. It's got a rock edge to it.


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