Teenager V Teenagers

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why is it that two bands with almost identical names are both in the running for most un-PC song of the year. Well honestly who cares, teens and sex go together like tits and arse. Both these bands take it to the extreme, hardcore. Some may say they are plain out rude, others will say they are highly erotic. Which ever side you're on, hopefully you can appreciate the statement these songs make. The two tracks under the spotlight are 'Homecoming' by French band The Teenagers and 'Pony' by Australia's Teenager.

The first touches on the subject of forbidden romance adding in a touch of incest. "last week I flew to San Diego to see my auntie /on day 1 I met her hot step daughter/shes a cheerleader, she is a virgin and she is really tan...on day 2 I fucked her and it was wild/she is such a slut". This is just the opening verse, the chorus repeats the line "I fucked my American cunt". You hot enough yet, sweaty, a little horny?

So Teenager come up with this, a absolute little ditty about taking the hottest girl in the bar home, fucking her and telling all your mates. "Pony, Pony arse bitch, what you what you want when you drop your knickers to the floor, and you rub and rub/ walking up to me like we is together/ but we ain't". Ok, so it's a sexist anthem. The chorus goes on to rate the girls body parts, "Legs are eleven...tits are a seven". So you be the judge, they are both pretty quirky. In my book The Teenagers win, they have the edge when it comes to creativity. It's a much better story, and you get the male and female perspective which is pretty laughable at times.

The Teenagers- Homecoming: MP3

Teenager- Pony: MP3


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