Sissy Wish

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Being named by a Norwegian newspaper as the countries 25th greatest artist of all time is just the latest accolade hailed upon singer/songwriter Sissy Wish. In 2005 she also won a Norwegian Grammy for 'Best Female Artist'. So to call Sissy Wish one of Scandinavia's most inspiring, joyful pop singers comes fully backed by a large local entourage.
To make this story even more impressive, Sissy Wish aka Siri Alberg, became the most successful unsigned Norwegian artist when her debut EP Six Feet Tall found critical acclaim in 2003. In 2007 we have the peace offering that is Beauties Never Die, her third studio album. Again her child like voice is whimsical and daisy, bursting with sunshine like an arty Cat Power. Everything ties up to a perfect little bow, making this the best album of 2007.

Sissy Wish- Beauties Never Die: MP3

Sissy Wish- Website

Sissy Wish- Myspace


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