New Young Pony Club

Sunday, June 03, 2007

One of the most anticipated debut albums of 2007 is almost upon us. New Young Pony Club's Fantastic Playroom is set for release in mid July and already the hype' machine's bolted. Bought on strong by the release of two romping singles 'Ice Cream' and 'The Bomb', the New Raver's are already taking over the world. By now the video for 'Ice Cream' will have streamed across many parts of the globe, breaking windows with it's sexy dance simplicity. Described as "A Synth Band with Guitars", NYPC join the likes of CSS and Klaxons as defining a scene that's totally distinguishable as the sound of the 2000's. Forget Emo, New Rave/Electronica is cool! and that's final.
'Hiding On The Staircase' is the first track available from Fantastic Playroom and sounds even better than both 'Ice Cream' and 'The Bomb' put together. If the album can live up to these expectations it will be one of the best this year.

New Young Pony Club- Hiding On The Staircase: MP3

New Young Pony Club- Myspace


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