Damn Shames

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In recent years Scotland has become a hub for quality indie bands. Damn Shames are the latest discovery and unlike anything else from the Northern UK they are raw, uncomplicated and sharp as a knife. Keeping things simple and staying within the boundaries of minimalism, the trio of Matthew Deary, Simon Richardson and Jacob Burns have created a striking sound tinged round the edge by modernist blues.
Currently self distributing their debut 7", Dancing In The Aisles can be purchased via the bands myspace page (Link Below). For a band on the rise and without a record label, the recording is of startling quality. It exposes the bands raw capabilities, capturing the sharpness of the guitar's perfectly. Damn Shames could well be one of the best unsigned bands in the UK.

Damn Shames- Dancing In The Aisles: MP3

Damn Shames- Myspace


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