Screaming Tea Party- Death Egg (EP): Review

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What a find! What a band! What an EP! and oh what a name! The Screaming Tea Party are white hot and their music is so diverse that they could become a hot commodity very soon. They have just released their debut EP Death Egg on 1o" vinyl and it kicks arse, mixing loud driving rock with bubble gum melody. Single 'Death Egg' and 'Cracked Up Dietrich' are both shinsesque pop tunes while 'Between Air and Air' and 'Let's Do Not Say Another Word' turn Sonic Youth into rocket science. Screaming Tea Party show London hasn't gone to sleep, finally a British band in 2007 showing some creativity.

Screaming Tea Party- Death Egg: MP3

Screaming Tea Party- Myspace


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