New Zealand Music Month

Thursday, May 03, 2007

For those outside New Zealand May is officially New Zealand Music Month. A month where everything Kiwi is celebrated and promoted throughout the country. For my post today I'm going to present three New Zealand bands, all very different but all with a sound that needs to heard on the world stage.

Ginger Brown are a Wellington duo consisting of organ and drums. The guys are famous round town for their free midnight gigs at the Matterhorn. I first got to hear them through a demo CD I picked up for $2 at the local record store. It was the best two bucks I've ever spent. Ginger Brown are explosive, charismatic and vocalist Lawrence Taula sounds a little like Jim Morrison. But it's his organ playing that makes Ginger Brown sound like reborn psychedelic rockers from 1969.

Ginger Brown- Kiss Me Goodnight: MP3

Ginger Brown- Boston Dance: MP3

My favourite female duo from Auckland The Bengal Lights first came to my attention thanks to the famous A Low Hum Tour. I remember walking into the bathhouse to the sound of a raucous Nick Zinner sounding guitar. I was left wondering why I had never heard of The Bengal Lights. They describe themselves as "Fashionably Fucked Up" and go by Japanese Alias'. The Chemistry between these two ultra hot punk songstresses creates a catchy danceable rhythm that makes their live shows so cool like cool.

The Bengal Lights- Black Jean Surly: MP3

Hot Swiss Mistress are a Wellington trio who make music that floats about mountain tops. Relying heavily on their amazing instrumental talents, HSM are the type of band you listen to while taking a long walk in the bush or a leisurely stroll around town. With the ability to play long drawn out numbers, the songs often drift into all out jams, delivering listeners some wonderful displays of musicianship.

Hot Swiss Mistress- Hail To The Fortune: MP3


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