Sunday, May 20, 2007

It happened a couple of days ago, a song came on my MP3 player that sent shivers down my spine. I pulled my MP3 player out of my pocket and it revealed Bachelorette. The brains behind Bachelorette is Christchurch's Annabel Alpers, along with her computer she creates some sort of musical genie that's both whimsical and charming. Last year saw the release of her debut record titled Isolation Loops, and while I never picked it up then I'm glad to be enjoying it now. Essentially a pop record, the album describes itself in the title. The combination of Alpers harmonic voice with looping keyboard and guitars offer a dreamy posture of isolation and emptiness.
The song that got my attention was 'I Want To Be Your Girlfriend', an out-take from the recording sessions for Isolation Loops. It features on the Awesome Feeling compilation being distributed with the latest Real Groove magazine.

Bachelorette- I Want To Be Your Girlfriend: MP3

Bachelorette- Myspace


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