Pop Levi- The Return To Form Black Magick Party: Review

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pop Levi could well be a musical genius. His debut record TRTFBMP jumps from genre to genre without battering an eyelid. The Levi story is an interesting one. The son of a Jewish doctor and a gentille nurse, Levi grew up a gypsy. Influenced by music from a young age he was an accomplished musician by age ten. The masterful musicianship on TRTFBMP is a testimony to this upbringing.
From the outset the music is an instant throw back to sixties pop and early seventies glam, comparisons have already been drawn to artists like Marc Bolan and Syd Barret. But it's the diversity that's makes this album special, each track comparable to famous icons but still uniquely Levi. Already 'Blue Honey' has been a hit with it's glam psychedelic swagger and 'Sugar Assault Me Now' is about to hit the indie charts. But it's gems that won't be heard outside the album that make this classic rock. '(A Style Called) Crying Chic' is a soulful blues engagement reminiscent of early Yardbirds, while 'Flirting' will have Brian Wilson fan's grinning ear to ear. 'Hade's Lady' is a personal favourite, elevating Pop Levi to a place reserved for the very best.

  • Pop Levi- (A Style Called) Crying Chic: MP3
  • Pop Levi- Hade's Lady: MP3

  • Pop Levi- Myspace

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