The Lisps

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Lisps are the latest band to catch my attention. Quoting directly from their website "The Lisps are a New York-based assemblage of 21st century post-rock n' vaudeville auteurs. They write songs about science and love and sometimes perform in costumes, with tap shoes and without microphones. The Lisps are the public/performative version of all the relationships you're struggling with". What more could I say, if this doesn't sound mouth watering enough then you're reading the wrong web blog.
I expect The Lisps to rise to fame pretty quickly, emerging from a city where dance punk/pop is all the rave. They offer something remarkably new and could appeal to an audience a little isolated by the new rave scene. I remember seeing the Dresden Dolls last year and they were absolutely brilliant, not just a musical act but performance art. I can image a Lisps show being even grander than this. They also remind me a little of Tilly and the Wall and the Brunettes. With their debut EP The Vain, The Modest, and The Dead now out, the Lisps are a band to watch.

  • The Lisps- Myspace

    At 2:07 AM, April 19, 2007, Blogger Pix said...

    this shit is hot. its too late for me to throw out some catchy genre title, but its good, very good!

    dunno why i didnt find ur blog sooner, ill add to links as soon as the dude who knows all the whiteboydancefloor html gets his act together!

    for the record too re: my motocade post.

    love the kiwis!


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