CSS with So So Modern (Live) Review

Monday, January 08, 2007

CSS with So So Modern- Sunday 7th Jan 2007 at the San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington

Officially the best gig I have ever attended, and I wasn't even going to go. I drove 7 hours for this one, but it was so worth it. CSS and So So Modern, the combination couldn't have been better. The boys from Wellington warmed up the stage and crowd with a impressive performance, getting everyone in a swinging mood on the dance floor. Their 45 minute set wasn't long enough for many and had the crowd screaming for more. I just hope for the boys sake that someone from Subpop records was there.

Enter Lovefoxxx, a tiny, sexy Asian Brazilian goddess. "Are you Kiwi's ready" (said in a Brazilian accent). CSS had arrived, casual as you like to entertain us all. And what, they had bought a special guest, no one really realised but when Lovefoxxx asked our favourite fruit the answer was not Kiwifruit. Peaches, yes PEACHES had joined them backstage, taking time out to see CSS while holidaying in New Zealand. But it wasn't the Peaches show, it was all about CSS. They played all the tracks from their debut album plus a couple of tracks in Portuguese. They were so casual they played an encore without even really going of stage. I could talk about them forever but the truth is go and see them yourself. An extra show has been added in Auckland because the first one sold out so quickly.

Photo's from Cheeseontoast.co.nz. Visit them for more gig photo's and New Zealand music news.


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