The Veils- Nux Vomica: Review

Friday, September 29, 2006

If you weren’t already a fan of the Veils after 2004’s The Runaway Found, then hearing Nux Vomica should quickly convert you. I’ve recently been converted and have to admit, this latest effort from Finn Andrews and the crew has me very excited. Andrews song writing has matured so much in the past two years that he could claim to be New Zealand’s number one songwriter (Sam Flynn Scoot and the Dave Dobbyn might claim otherwise). The ten songs on this album tell of Andrews’s struggle with life, deeply surrounded in chaos and tragedy. His vocals are delivered so perfectly achieving a deep sorrowful feeling, much in the vein of Pete Doherty.
Combined with Andrew’s lyrical maturity is a band full of experimentation. On one album the Veils have managed to record songs that would fit easily on records by TV On the Radio (‘Jesus For The Jugular’), Nick Cave (‘Under The Folding Branches’) or Gomez ('Pan'). Pulling together such structurally different songs puts the Veils at the leading end of musical fashion.


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