Free Day Friday

Friday, September 01, 2006

Aaa, Friday, My day off work. Mostly I go to Real Groovy and a few other record stores and listen to music. You know, cose I have no friends to hang out with and all that. So I thought I may as well inform the cyber world about what I listened to.

Firstly the brand spanking new Mint Chicks album Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!, I absolutely love these guys at the moment. This album is gona be huge, I read a blog today suggesting they could become New Zealand's Arctic Monkeys. I don't think they will get that big, but this album will certainly win some new fans. They already have a new fan in me, I have never really liked their other records. Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! is way more poppy which sounds awesome. I anticipate the single 'Welcome to Nowhere' to go straight to the top of the charts and stay there for a while. You can download that song from

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Etiquette. Not the first time I have listened to this album, but I went back for more. Normally I wouldn't be into electronica, but Owen Ashworth has definitely made me sit and listen. I first got into this band by accident. Radio Active 89FM have been playing the song 'Scattered Pearls' a lot and I thought it was a Mazarin song. I can recommend this album, Fi if you are reading this, you were complaining to me last weekend about how out of touch with music you are at the mo. This is an album you will definitely like.

And finally the new Bob Dylan record. It's no secret how much I love Bob Dylan, I have a Poster of him on my wall. But I have to say anything he recorded after about 1970 has never struck a cord with me. And it's the same with Modern Times, the genre of music Dylan now fits into just doesn't appeal to me. I even find his lyrics (which is what I love most about his early albums) boring. There are other musicians out there now writing songs just as good. I'm sorry Mr. Dylan, you are still seen as the greatest songwriter in all the world, but you haven't written a great song in a very long time.


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