CSS- Cansei De Ser Sexy: Review

Friday, September 15, 2006

I've decided to can the idea of 'Free Day Friday'. I can't guarentee I'm going to get around the music stores every friday. So I've decided to just post reviews as often as possible.

CSS- Cansei de ser sexy

CSS are the latest sensation bought to us via Sub Pop records. The Brazilian group translated into English meaning ‘Tied of being sexy’ has become the first South American band ever to sign with the Seattle based record label. And what a signing CSS could prove to be. Famous for breaking new innovative bands, Sub Pop has again hit the jackpot with such an original energetic group.
While there is the slightest bit of irony between the bands name and their musical creation, they remain tongue and cheek. With songs like ‘Meeting Paris Hilton’ where lead vocalist known only as Lovefoxxx sings about meeting the bitch, and ‘Music Is My Hot Hot Sex’ it’s obvious to pick up on the bands sense of playfulness. Electronic dance pop, call it what you like. There hasn’t been a band this exciting in a while. With this much energy and sex appeal, CSS could be the band in everyone’s bedrooms this summer.

CSS will be touring New Zealand in January 2007 playing Auckland and Wellington


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