Peter Bjorn and John- Writer's Block: Review

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Writer’s Block is the third full length album from Swedish sensations Peter Bjorn and John. However it’s the first to be made available in New Zealand. With all the hype, it could be an album this country really embraces. It’s already been a huge success in Britain, BBC Radio labelling ‘Young Folks’ the hit of the summer.

Released around the same time as fellow Swedish indie rockers The Concretes and Shout Out Louds, this album emerges superior. With its catchy experimental tunes, thanks largely to Peter, Bjorn and John rotating lead vocal duties, they have managed to capture an audience unattained by their counterparts. ‘Young Folks’ might be the single attracting all the attention, but with a list of songs this good, Writer’s Block could be on many peoples ‘Album’s of the Year’ lists come December.


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