Jim Noir- Tower of Love: Review

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Like most musicians, Jim Noir’s been influenced greatly by musicians from the past. Listening to his music it’s quite obvious who they are. Despite this, Noir has done a splendid job creating his own unique sound. A brand of pop music slotting him gently between the Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel and Belle and Sebastian. Tower of Love is his debut album, which fans of the aforementioned should find a modern day breath of fresh air.
Highlights from the album include ‘Computer Song’. Noir holds back the vocal melody, which combined with some delicate guitar picking creates a poignantly expressive pop tune. Title track ‘Tower of Love’ sounds like a lost instrumental track fallen straight from the pages of Pet Sounds. Rounding out the album is ‘The Only Way’, which at just under seven minutes long will transport you to a little piece of springtime paradise.


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