Jefferson Pepper: Christmas in Fallujah: Review

Friday, August 04, 2006

Jefferson Pepper- Christmas in Fallujah
Reviewed March 13th 2006

A quick glance at the album cover reveals a close resemblance to Jefferson Starship. A quick listen to the music and you discover something very different. Yes, this is a Christmas album, but not in the traditional sense. It’s a Christmas album that shatters the festive spirit, reminding us of the horrors of war at a time when we are happy thinking about ourselves. It’s fair to say you won’t want this album playing as you unwrap your presents on Christmas morning.
Christmas in Fallujah is a highly fueled political protest album, similar to those made during the height of Vietnam in the early 70’s. It’s a bit rock, a bit country, with a David Crosby, John Sebastian San Francisco sound mixed in between. Subjects are lined up like soldiers and shot down one by one. President Bush is the obvious target, but Woodrow Wilson, Enron and even the Wizard of Oz get a good working over.
Ten of the twelve songs are originals, the exception being ‘This Land is Your Land’ written by the legendary Woody Guthrie, and a traditional instrumental piece ‘Soldier’s Joy’. The album is rounded of by a hidden track (‘Plastic Illuminated Snowman’), that seems to pay homage to the record label American Fallout. As another bonus you can also purchase the artwork pictured throughout the liner notes. If you hate Bush, hate capitalism and hate the bloody war, this album speaks for you. Just remember they will always tell us "It’s not about the oil".


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