Jakob, City City City and Operation Rolling Thunder (Live) Review

Monday, August 28, 2006

Jakob, City City City and Operation Rolling Thunder- Friday 25th August at the San Francisco Bath House, Wellington

It's shocking to think Friday's gig was my first 'A Low Hum', but I'm not gong to crap on about my slackness. The latest 'A Low Hum' tour bought us Operation Rolling Thunder (Dunedin), City City City (Melbourne) and Jakob (Napier) I hadn't seen any of the bands before, but I'd read good things about City City City and Jakob hail from my hometown.
It was an interesting experience to say the least. Operation Rolling Thunder, a two piece with drums and guitar rocked hard without doing anything exciting. They didn't really make me nod even nood my head, which isn't that hard to do. The only thing they achieved was to make me anticipate City City City's arrival.
The first thing I noticed about Ned Collette (Guitar and Vocals) was his amazing guitar, my friend Fi instantly fell in love with him. In his Aussie twang he announced "Hi we're City City City from Melbourne", made some silly hand gesture to his sound tech and slipped into the first song. Finally after about an hour a band that had vocals. I don't know why, but on this particular night I really wanted someone to sing to me. These guys were great; the crowd didn't really get to into it though which was a bit disappointing, maybe they weren't cool enough for Wellington's hipstars. Finishing with the title track ('The Perimeter Motor Show') from their debut album, they left me well happy.
All age's gigs suck, the bands have to play twice in one night meanimg the R18 gig always starts real late. And at 1am when a band came on without a vocalist I was ready to fall asleep. Fi and I both agreed, Boring! However Jakob were better than Operation Rolling Thunder, I enjoyed thirty seconds here and there but that was about it. I can positively recommend City City City, I'll be happy to see them play again. The other bands sound good on the free CD I got with the cover charge, but live their brand of music didn't do it for me.


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