The Return of Willy Mason

Thursday, May 11, 2006

When I was looking at my recommendations on Amazon the other day I noticed that Willy Mason has re-released his debut 'Where the Humans Eat'. So I thought it was a good time to post my review of the album. I wrote this last year when the album was first released.

Willy Mason- Where the Humans Eat

Where has this guy been hiding? Why are there not more musicians making music like this? Willy Mason is a modern day singer songwriter who has rediscovered what music should be about. His folk rock songs bring meaning and purpose back to music that has been missing for far too long. For a nineteen year old, the message he spreads shows his maturity and awareness about the real issues that face our planet in the twenty first century.

It's hard to pin point an area on this album that is better than another. The opening track sets the tone for the album, immediately striking you and making you go WOW! Quickly you realise that Willy Mason is a name that you want to tell all your left wing friends. His pessimistic view towards globalisation and celebrity role-models are expressed in such a convincing way that even your right wing friends might be swayed. The two standout tracks that need individual attention are `Our Town', an anti-war song about corruption and dishonesty and `Oxygen', about the problems our children face growing up in the technological age. Both speak about issues that our so-called music icons fail miserably in addressing.

Willy Mason is attempting to do what Bob Dylan and others did in the sixties. If you believe that protest songs are important in providing an alternative political message then you will certainly like this album.


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